TWorkforce At Edgecon Group

our workforce focuses on the attainment of individual, group and organizational goal. They are always working together to reach the target & achieve goals. They believe in Teamwork.

they maintain a healthy competition among each other, departments and concerns of the group to motivate personals as well as help the group of companies to excel. when an individual gives an unique idea it improves the members quality to be productive. The Group’s management is maintaining a positive relationship with the workforce through the concept of team work with patience & coordination for a healthy working environment.

We Practice

  • Fair workforce Recruitment & Selection.
  • Training & Development for excellence.
  • The Provision of a good and safe working environment.

Discrimination Control

We always care for similar opportunities for all the employees & collaborators. From the time of recruitment we maintain the equal opportunity policy. As all employees will be treated equally or similarly and not disadvantaged by prejudices or bias. In our Group all performances & promotions are based on qualifications, efficiency, honesty & sincerity. There is mix of culture, religion in the company. But the workplace is ornamented by fair practices & behavior.

Workforce Training

We understand the need of Training for our workforce to make them more efficient & skillful. We generally provide on the job training. The trainings are designed to correct deficiencies in employee performance by skilled personnel for existing and newly hired workforce. The trainings are provided based on the need of individuals. Training needs are determined through the performance review or observation.


Edgecon Group adheres to ethical business practices. We strictly maintaining safety, health and hygiene provisions as per ILO’s and Bangladesh labor law’s rules and regulation, for the safety of our workers, we has improved workplace conditions; set up noticeable warning signs; enforced the usage of safety equipments; and built awareness among the workforce. The work place has clearly demarcated emergency exits and equipments. We strongly opposes forced labor, child labor, racism, discrimination and exploitation of workers and makes every possible effort to prevent such misconducts.

We ensure following facilities for employee safety, health and hygiene :
  • Free medical service
  • Proper first aid box
  • Enough fire extinguishers
  • Trained fire fighting team
  • Training program for fire fighting
  • Healthy toilets and urinals etc.